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Resident Return Visa


When a person is granted a permanent visa , that visa gives them the right to remain permanently in Australia . The visa also gives permission to travel into and ot of Australia any number of times for a certain number of years ( usually five ) from the date the visa was granted . this re-entry facility is granted automatically .


Once this re-entry facility expires , the person must have a ‘return visa’before they will be allowed to re-enter Australia . Permanent residents intending to travel overseas , or who are overseas and are planning to return to Australia , should check that their last permanent visa is still vaild for re-entry to Australia . If not , they will need to apply for one of the resident return visa .the rules for resident return visas vary according to how long the applicant has actually lived in Australia and how long they have spent outside Australia At the time they apply for the resident return visa .


There are two resident return visa :-


  • Five year Resident Return visa
  • Three month Resident Return Visa




This is permanent visa that allows the holder to travel in and out of Australia for five years . An Applicant must prove that they are or were a permanent resident of Australia and they meet certain residency requirements.


Duration of Visa


this is a permanent visa allowing the holder to remain in Australia indefinitely . Five year Resident return visas are usually granted with a return facility that lasts for five years .




This Visa is sutiable for people who would not meet the residency requirements for the five year Resident Return Visa . For this Visa an applicant need only have been present in Australia for one day out of the last five years , but they will also need to show that there were or are compelling and compassionate reasons for their departure . This is a permanent visa that allows the holder to travel in and out of Australia for three months , but remain in Australia indefinitely .




This is a temporary visa allowing the holder to enter Australia once within three months of grant and remain in Australia for three months . Within these three months they should apply for a confirmatory visa or for a five year Resident Return Visa otherwise they may become unlawful .

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