Aged Parent Visa


The visa permits more established guardians to live forever in Australia in the event that they have a kid who is an Australian resident, lasting occupant or qualified New Zealand resident who is gotten comfortable Australia. The current preparing time for this visa is something like 30 years. In the event that the application is made in Australia, you might have the option to stay in Australia on a crossing over visa during the handling of the visa. FC Lawyers can affirm your qualification to make an application in Australia.


To be qualified to apply for the Aged Parent visa, you should be at an age where you are qualified for get an age annuity in Australia. This implies that you should be 65 years old or more seasoned. Know that the base age qualification for an age benefits in Australia might be over 65 years of age contingent upon when you were conceived.

You should likewise meet the equilibrium of family test. You meet this necessity assuming by the same token:

  • basically 50% of your youngsters live for all time in Australia or
  • a greater amount of your kids live forever in Australia than in some other country.

You should be supported by an Australian resident, Australian perpetual occupant or qualified New Zealand resident. The support needs to have been living legitimately in Australia for somewhere around two years before you apply for this visa. For most candidates, your kid or your youngster's mate or accepted accomplice should support you.

You can remember the accompanying individuals for your visa application at the hour of lodgement:

  • your accomplice (wedded or accepted)
  • your or your accomplice's reliant kids
  • other ward family members.


Endless supply of the Aged Parent visa, you will actually want to live in Australia for all time. It lets you and any relatives who have additionally been allowed this visa:

  • stay in Australia endlessly
  • work and study in Australia
  • take on Medicare, Australia's plan for wellbeing related consideration and costs
  • apply for Australian citizenship (in case you are qualified)
  • support qualified family members for lasting home
  • travel to and from Australia for a long time from the date the visa is conceded (after that time, you will require an occupant return visa or another visa to get back to Australia).


You can hold up the application either in Australian or outside Australia. In the event that you don't have a 'no further stay' arrangement on your visa you can stop your visa in Australia and will be conceded a connecting until the visa is resolved. In the event that you might want any help to apply for the Aged parent visa – Subclass 804, if it's not too much trouble, contact our group of Registered Migration Agents.