Parent (Migrant) Visa


Parent (migrant) visa will allow an applicant to live permanently in Australian territory with your kids, provided they are an Australian citizen or a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident who has legal rights to live in Australian state. Although this visa has the lowest fee of any parent visa, candidates has to wait in line to process their permanent visa, as its approval can take up to 30 days.

Who can Sponsor Me?

Being a patronage-based visa, the candidates need to be sponsored by their offspring or daughter in law. The sponsor should be above 18 years old and is a permanent Australian resident, New Zealand citizen or Australian citizen. But, for special cases, when a child of below 18 years old can also become a sponsor. The Australian government also permits community bodies to sponsor your Parent Migrant Visa provided:

  • The applicant’s child and the organization has a relationship
  • The senior representative of the association decides to sponsor you
  • The company is officially recognized from Australia
  • The company has been operational in Australia for a minimum period of 1 year
  • The company should be economically stable


To qualify and obtain a 103 visa for permanent residency, the applicant has to fulfil below- mentioned requirements:

  • Have a qualified sponsor who is ready to offer support for a minimum span of two years
  • Get the right to a 2-year Support Guarantee- a legal paper that ensures Australian government that the applicant will not depend of Government bodies for initial 2 years after granted by a 103 visa
  • Must fulfil the character and health requirements
  • Undergo the family balance test
  • At least 50% of your children are resident in Australia or,
  • Most of your children live in Australia


As the Government only provides a limited number of spaces each financial year for permanent family visas, the current waiting period for applicants is 30 years. Applications are processed in the order they are lodged, and once the threshold has been reached no more than 103 visas will be granted in that financial year.

How long does it Take?

As the Australian government offers selected sites annually for visa 103, at present, the waiting period for a candidate is 30 years. Applicants are administered in order of submission, and after reaching the threshold value in this financial year, no more permanent residency visa (Visa 103) is granted in that financial year.

Fees and Costs

The cost of Visa 103 is costed from $6,010 and is submitted in two sections-

  • $3,945 paid at the time of application submission
  • $2,065 per candidate, which h is submitted at the Departments request.

One thing you should to note is the rate listed above is the flat rate and the applicant may be required to pay some additional price for covering other things like police certificates, biometrics, and medical evaluation.AoS (Assurance of Support) is a compulsory requirement that will oblige you to pay a bond. If you are planning to add another member of your family in your Parent (migrant) visa application, then you will have to also pay an additional fee as per the rules of Australia.

Rights that can obtained with the help of Parent (migrant) visa

Anyone acquiring a Parent (migrant) visa will get the permission to live in Australia as a permanent resident. Moreover, we have compiled a list of other things that a Parent (migrant) visa will allow you to exercise freely:

  • The holder of Parent (migrant) visa will get the permit to stay in Australia without any time limit
  • The applicant will then be able to study and work in Australia without any issue
  • The person will also get the chance to get enrolment in Medicare (a universal health
  • insurance scheme that allows the insured to access a vast variety of health and medical services at reasonable rates or no expenses)
  • After getting Parent (migrant) visa, the applicant will also be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship
  • The person can become a sponsor for his/her eligible relatives who want permanent residence in Australia
  • The holder of Parent (migrant) visa will be allowed to move in and from Australia for about 5 years from the date of issuance of Parent (migrant) visa

What is an Aged Parent Visa?

This type of visa helps the elderly in getting permanent residence if the couple or the old parent has a child who is considered an Australian citizen, eligible New Zealand occupant, or permanent habitant as per the law and has a settlement in Australia.

The Aged Parent Visa’s processing time is at least 30 years. If, at the time of making an application for this visa the applicant is present in Australia, then the applicant will get the opportunity to stay in Australia until the processing of visa is completed, but this only happens when the applicant has a bridging visa with him/her. The lawyers competent in this field can help you in conforming whether you are eligible for making application for this type of visa in Australia or not.

Criteria for applying for the Aged Parent Visa

In order to become eligible for making an application for this visa, on needs to be at an age in which he/she is getting or can get pension in Australia. To sum up, it means that the applicant should have an age of 65 years or more. Along with this, it is essential to know that the lowest eligibility for acquiring age pension in Australian territory can be more than 65 years old relying on the fact that where was the applicant born.

Besides, the person applying for Aged Parent Visa should also comply with the family test requirements, these requirements are met if either:

  • The applicant’s half no. of children are living in Australia permanently or
  • The applicant’s most of the children are living in Australian region permanently as compared to other countries

The applicant of Aged Parent Visa needs to be sponsored by a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen. It is important that the person sponsoring the applicant is living in Australia for at least years before meeting with the requirements of laws and regulations of Australia before the application is being made for Aged Parent Visa.

A child, child’s husband/wife or a de facto partner of the applicant will be needed to sponsor him/her to get Aged Parent Visa.

  • At the time of making an application, the applicant can take help of below listed people for the attainment of Aged Parent Visa efficiently:
  • The partner of applicant (de facto or married)
  • The children of applicant or the dependent children of the partner of the applicant

How can an Aged Parent Visa help you?

After getting the Aged Parent Visa, the holder of this visa can live in Australia indeterminately. The applicant will also get the following rights upon obtaining Aged Parent Visa:

  • He/she can live/reside in Australia for unlimited period of time
  • The applicant can get education and work in Australia
  • The person can get enrolled for Medicare health insurance scheme
  • The holder of Aged Parent Visa will then be able to apply for permanent citizenship in Australia
  • He/she can sponsor someone (an eligible relative) if the person wants to become a permanent resident in Australian region

The person obtaining this visa will be able to travel from and to Australian territory for 5 years right from the date when the Aged Parent Visa is issued, at the time of completion of this time period, the applicant will require to have a resident return visa or any other visa to come back to Australia

The application procedure for Aged Parent Visa

To make an application for Aged Parent Visa, it is of no compulsion that the applicant should be present in Australia, the applicant can either be in Australian territory or outside. If the applicant has the provision of ‘no further stay’ on his/her visa, then that person can apply for Aged Parent Visa in Australia and will get the bridging visa until the Aged Parent Visa is granted.

If you want some more information about applying for an Aged Parent Visa, it is recommend to consult experts in the field so as to avoid any confusion and problems during the application process.


The Contributory parent (temporary) visa allows the holder to stay in Australia for a time period of 2 or more years if he/she has a child having an Australian citizenship or is a permanent resident or is considered an eligible New Zealand citizen settled in Australian region.

The applicant will be needed to pay some more money for obtaining the Contributory parent (temporary) visa as compared to a normal parent visa as it has a benefit of reducing the waiting time for the completion of process.

This visa is a temporary visa that an applicant cannot renew or extend. After coming in Australia, the person has a time period of 2 years for applying for the Contributory parent (temporary) visa, by doing so, the applicant will get the opportunity to distribute the costs required to get a Contributory parent migration visa.