Contributory Aged Parent Visa


The Australian Government has included 'contributory' parent visa classifications into the Parent Visa plot. The Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa is a reproduction of the Contributory Parent (Temporary) subclass 173 Visa, be that as it may, is reasonable for candidates who are qualified for the Australia age annuity.

In case you are a parent of an Australian resident, a perpetual occupant or a qualified New Zealand resident who is gotten comfortable Australia, the Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa will permit you to live in Australia for as long as two years.

This visa has a more limited line for handling and no Assurance of Support is important. While there is a lot higher application charge to take care of the expenses of clinical costs, the 884 visa permits applications to spread the expenses throughout the timeframe that they are in Australia.

In case you are allowed this visa, you might have the option to apply for the Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Permanent) Subclass 864 gave you meet the significant models.


Being a sponsorship based visa, candidates should be supported by their youngster, or mate of one of their kids. It is favored that your support is over the age of 18 and is a settled Australian resident, an Australian lasting inhabitant or a qualified New Zealand resident, in any case, there are conditions where a youngster younger than 18 can be your support.

The Government additionally allows local area associations to support your application gave:

  • Your kid and the association has a relationship
  • The senior delegate of the association consents to support you
  • The association is legitimately settled in Australia
  • The association has been working in Australia for somewhere around one year
  • The association is monetarily steady


To fulfill the necessities of the 884 visa, you should exhibit that you meet the accompanying::

  • Have a qualified support (see above) who will offer help for something like two years
  • Be mature enough to fit the bill for the age annuity in Australia
  • Meet the equilibrium of-family test by having
  • Basically 50% of your kids dwelling for all time in Australia; or
  • Most of your kids dwelling for all time in Australia
  • Meet the wellbeing and character necessities


As appraisal of qualification happens dependent upon the situation and fluctuates on the candidate's conditions, in this manner the time it takes for the Department to deal with you application will shift.

It is justifiable that there are conditions that will affect the handling season of your visa applications, which might be out of your control. These incorporate the ideal opportunity for outside organizations, in particular wellbeing and police administrations, and the Government, to direct checks and give supporting data.

While the above conditions are unavoidable, there are a few components which will guarantee you a quicker preparing time. These include:

Housing a total application, appended with the entirety of the essential supporting reports.

Being immediate in reacting to any extra data the Department demands.

Expenses and COSTS

The expense of this visa is valued from $32,900 and is paid in two portions ($3,770 and $29,130 separately). Kindly note this is just the level rate and you might be approached to pay extra expenses to cover prerequisites, for example, wellbeing evaluations, police endorsements and biometrics.

On the off chance that you wish to add extra relatives to your application, an additional charge will be forced upon your visa application.


The impermanent Contributory Aged Parent Visa will allow you transitory home in Australia. It will permit you and your qualified relatives:

  • Live in Australia for a very long time
  • To go all through Australia however many occasions as you wish for a long time from the date your visa was allowed.
  • Work and study rights in Australia.
  • Apply for perpetual Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 864)