Child Visa

Youngster VISA

Youngster Visa Subclass 101 (Offshore) and Subclass 802 (Onshore):

Kids who have a parent who is an Australian resident, an Australian perpetual occupant, or a qualified New Zealand resident, can live in Australia for all time on a Child Visa subclass 101 or 802.

Generally, every one of these visas are something very similar – the two of them permit an offspring of a qualified parent support to live in Australia endlessly. The solitary contrast is the area of the candidate when the application was stopped and settled on – 101 visa is for seaward candidates and 802 is for inland.


Dissimilar to other sponsorship based visas, candidates must be supported by a qualified parent. To be viewed as a qualified parent, they should be the parent (or their accomplice), or step-parent of the kid, be beyond 18 a years old, be a settled Australian resident, an Australian perpetual inhabitant, or a qualified New Zealand resident.

The Department additionally permits step-guardians who are presently not the accomplice of the youngster's parent, however have a lawful obligation to the consideration of the kid who is under 18 to turn into a supporter of the kid. What's more, new parents who received the kid before they turned into an Australian resident, an Australian perpetual inhabitant or a qualified New Zealand resident, are additionally allowed to turn into a backer of the kid.


To apply for either a 101 or 802 visa, you should meet the accompanying standards:

  • Have a qualified support (see above)
  • Be single
  • Be one of the accompanying:
  • More youthful than 18 and not embraced;
  • Be younger than 18 and embraced;
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 25 and be a full-time understudy; or

Be 18 or more established and have an inability which restricts them from working, and be reliant upon their supporting guardian

Meet certain wellbeing prerequisites, and if beyond 16 years old, meet certain person necessities.

After conceding the visa to a kid younger than 18, the Department will consider whether this visa is to the greatest advantage of the youngster


While the normal worldwide handling time for applications is 75% in 8 months, times may fluctuate as appraisal of qualification happens dependent upon the situation and differs on the candidate's conditions.

It is reasonable that there are conditions that will affect the preparing season of your visa applications, which might be out of your control. These incorporate; the ideal opportunity for outer organizations, to be specific wellbeing and police administrations, and the Government, to direct checks and give supporting data.

While the above conditions are unavoidable, there are a few variables which will guarantee you a quicker preparing time. These include:

  • Housing a total application, appended with the entirety of the vital supporting records.
  • Being speedy in reacting to any extra data the Department demands.

Expenses and COSTS

The expense of this visa is valued from $2,415. Kindly note that this is just the level rate and you might be approached to pay extra expenses to cover extra candidates, necessities, for example, wellbeing appraisals, police testaments and biometrics.

Qualifications OF THE CHILD VISA

The Child visa will allow you perpetual home in Australia. It will permit you:

  • The option to remain in Australia endlessly.
  • Work and study rights in Australia.
  • The chance to select Medicare – Australia's plan for wellbeing related consideration and costs.
  • Apply for Australian citizenship once you become qualified.
  • Support qualified family members for lasting home.
  • Travel to and from Australia for as long as five years.